Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Milestone Reached

Abby was born 10 weeks premature and from that have come some development issues that we are working through. She has come a long way in the short while that she's been here. She had a slow start, but she's become extremely independent (definitely my child) in the past couple of months. Today I fixed her bananas and a 4 oz bottle for breakfast. She ate her bananas like a big girl so I gave her her bottle and she took it from me and held it for herself. I AM ECSTATIC! For a long time I felt like she was going to stay a baby and never grow and I was going to have to feed her baby food and bottles for the rest of my life. But she's becoming her own person. Getting her own personality and wanting to do things for herself.

I'm proud of both of my children, they have both done so well for being preemies. Sure we still have a long way to go. Nate is getting ready to start therapy for his speech and communication. And Abby will start therapy for her physical development.

I remember when Abby had just come home and a lady looked upon Abby and told me how pretty she was and then turned around to her pregnant daughter and told me that they (herself and her daughter) didn't want a baby that small. I love my babies being small. They are perfect for me. Nate's body fits perfectly up against mine so that his head falls right on my shoulder, which it makes it easier to put him to sleep. Abby fits perfectly in the nook I create when I place my left foot on my right knee creating a triangle. She props up on my left knee and it makes it easy to feed her as well as bounce her.

I am oh so proud of both my children.

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