Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rude Much?

I was sitting outside of my home the other day. Letting Nate play with Reese and Copper. It was a gorgeous day and we were having fun, when this big Yukon looking vehicle drove by and thru trash out her window into my yard! I did yell, I said something like, "really? your gonna thro trash when I'm right outside?" Of course I didn't get a response, I'm not even sure if she heard me.

But how in the world do you not see someone playing with their son and 2 dogs in the front yard? And how does someone have so much disrespect, so much disregard for a person who is enjoying their yard? I for one litter in my car and clean it out everytime I get gas. I understand that not everyone does this, but could you at least wait to throw out your trash until your in front of someone's yard who isn't outside with their child? I mean, that seems logical to me.

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