Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am excited about the upcoming holidays. I love the food on Thanksgiving and we have been invited to a friend's house. This friend is 1 of my best friends out of the 2 best friends that I have. She has a huge family that have adopted me and my family as one of their own. They spend the day before Thanksgiving cooking. Literally, all day. They start at 10am and usually aren't done until 8 or 9pm. I have heard stories of this day, but this year I get to participate and help cook. I'm not sure how that is going to go over in a kitchen already filled with 4 women. I'll probably entertain the kids so that they can cook. And then Thursday you get to endulge in the product that was produced on Wednesday. And I have been over for Thanksgiving before and OMG the food is amazing.

The most fun for me, though, is the time together spent cooking. My family is a bit seperated. My Dad's Thanksgiving will be on Wednesday. We are to be there at 7pm. But that's when the food is ready. If you ask about being their earlier to help he'll say you can come, but that he doesn't need help. Which is true. Last year, when we arrived about an hour before the food was ready, my stepsisters were in the kitchen helping. And it became awkward when I went into the kitchen. So I left the room, I didn't want the awkward tension to reflect in the food.

My Mom's Thanksgiving consists of Thanksgiving breakfast at my house. She gets up early and fixes breakfast for my brother and my family. She cooks breakfast, because she goes to her boyfriend's house about 2pm to cook Thanksgiving for them and her boyfriend's son. We aren't ever invited, not that we would want to go because my brother and I aren't fans of him. But considering she has always put other people before her and her family, this isn't a shock. This was also the way Thanksgiving happened last year.

I'm not complaining by any means, at least I have a family. But it just amazes me how a friend's family is more of my family than my own family is. I feel out of place and awkward at my Dad's and nothing special at my Mom's and I'm excited about Amanda's. Shouldn't it be reversed?

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