Friday, September 10, 2010

This Past Week

I absolutely love my doctor. Have I mentioned that?? I talked to him about the anxiety I was having and he performed an ultrasound to ease my mind. I wasn't scheduled for one, but his doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat went "missing" so an ultrasound was necessary to find out how fast it was beating. It was a pretty uneventful doctor's appointment and I wish I could say that was the last time I saw him... but it wasn't. On Thursday, hyperemesis reared it's ugly head and by Saturday I was in the hospital hooked up to an i.v. receiving fluids, phenagrin, zofran, and a medicine that seems to be helping with nausea and vomiting called Remeron. I had to be transported by ambulance because of how severe I had let it get, but I try everything I have at home and come close to death before allowing anyone to take me to a hospital. Stupid? Maybe... but I hate hospitals and pray as hard as I can for God to stop it before allowing a doctor to come near me.

I went to Baptist since that's where Dr. Love is based out of and he thinks that I need the level of care Baptist Hospital has to offer. MTMC is a good hospital, but it doesn't have as high of level of care I seem to need. The plus side?? I was placed on the antipartum floor which is also the NICU floor. They were in the middle of reconstruction when I was pregnant with Baby Boo and now seem to be finished and it has completely changed. It's completely sealed off except for the admitting area which also has an access door to the 3rd floor parking garage of the hospital. And when I say sealed off, I mean if you turn left which takes you to the NICU, you run into a door with an intercom system and you have to buzz in and let a nurse let you in. If you don't have a bracelet on to show, you can't go any further. They even have special bracelets for visitors to wear. From what I know, when you go in to have a baby... The mother and father are given a certain number of bracelets for visitors for their baby. Mother and father have hospital bracelets. If you haven't been given one of those visitor bracelets or aren't with the mother or father, you can't visit. Now, if you go to the right of the admitting area, you run into another door you have to buzz that leads you to the antipartum part. Which is the part of the floor that houses pregnant women who need medical attention. Not as restrictive as the NICU, but still a restricted area. 

One of my fears when I had Nate was that he would be taken and I was comforted by the measures the hospital took to make sure that didn't happen. Now it's impressive. 

Tim came and saw me on Sunday and took me down to the gift shop so I could buy a magazine, but also so that I could see a set of 4 walls that weren't my room. Two older ladies came in the gift shop while I was reading the tabloids and asked about where the NICU was. Tim told them about the restrictive measures and they were upset that you couldn't look "in the window" (as one of them put it). This made me a little more than upset. NO there are no windows. NICU is for preemie and less than healthy babies. You don't see 2lb babies on the street do you? NO. I have also never seen a baby outside the NICU with a ventilator or hooked up to a ton of tubes. And there is a reason for that... you aren't supposed to see it. I expressed my more than upset attitude once these ladies were out of earshot. I knew they were probably unexperienced in the sick baby category, but nonetheless.. I'm 4 months pregnant, in the hospital away from my babies and therefore extremely emotional and expressive, so I had Tim buy me my magazine and take me back to my room and I took a nap.

I have accepted that my baby, regardless of gestational age when it's born, is going to be a NICU baby. I'm diabetic and it is what it is. But I pray, every night and day, that Dr. Love gets me to 34 weeks gestational so that I can take Baby McKee #3 home the same day I'm discharged. 

Anyway... I came home on Monday and everything has been "normal" since. I have another doctors appointment on Wednesday which is also my birthday. I'm having an ultrasound for growth, but I'm hoping they will try and find out if the baby is a girl or a boy since it is my birthday. 

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