Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anna Jane McKee

was born on November 18th, 2010 at 11:11am. She weighed 1lb 14oz and is 13in long. My fear became my reality on November 2nd. I, again, became sick and dehydrated and I had to go the hospital for IV fluids. I thought that was the only thing wrong. And then my blood pressure became an issue which was being controlled by medication. After one week, I was released to go home and I prayed nonstop that I didn't need to go back until it was time to have Anna. Less than 12 hours later, I was back in the hospital because my blood sugar dropped so low that I became unconscious and the only thing to do was call the paramedics. When I arrived at the hospital they noticed my blood pressure was dangerously high and so they called Dr. Love and he had me transfered back to Baptist Hospital. They were able to get my blood pressure under control once again with IV medication, but then my sugars would drop to dangerously low numbers in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. And if it weren't for constant monitoring, they might could have killed me (like if I were home, sleeping).   Little did I know this was going to be the least of my problems. On Monday, November 15th I was taken off of IV insulin and began a shot regimen, which went well. My sugars stayed fairly normal on Monday, but then on Tuesday I came across more scary lows that couldn't be explained. On Wednesday, My Dr. Blunt (a partner of Dr. Love) came in and explained that my kidneys were not working properly and wasn't excreting insulin as it should be. So my body is holding onto the insulin and it continues to be used which explains the unexplainable lows. She told me she felt comfortable keeping me in the hospital until Anna was born, but that I was already showing signs of Preeclampsia and thought 2 weeks was as long as Anna was going to be able to be baked. I tried to process the news, but I was too excited because Emily came to see me with my babies. I was so glad to see them and I miss them more than words can say. We walked around and took them to the waiting room to play with a few toys. We had a good time. My mom came up to get Nate and Abbie and take them back to her house where Tim would pick them up. I gave them the news of what Dr.Blunt had said. Of course they became scared and immediately started to pray for me, Anna, and my family. Emily actually stayed the night with me that night and kept me company. We had a good time for the most part, but I was in a lot of pain because it was becoming increasingly hard to breathe and all the swelling I had endured made it hard to move comfortably. My favorite nurse took care of me that night and called in to have a test ran to find out how much oxygen was in my blood as well as a chest x-ray to find out what my lungs looked like. When I woke up, Emily had already left to take care of her kids and Dr. Love came in to talk to me. He said he wanted to run some more blood work to find out where kidney function was running as well as other things. Well, it was 30 minutes later that he was back in my room telling me that I have swelled so much that the fluid has no where else to go exept to my lungs and that's what was happening. He also said that preeclampsia has set in and that even though he didn't want to deliver me at 26 weeks, he thought it was best thing for me and the baby. So I cried and called Tim and some other family members. Tim rushed up here. My mother was about 10 seconds behind him. And then Emily came back. It was about 9am when Dr.Love told me we were delivering today. And I was being taken back to the or at around 10-10:15ish am. It happened very fast. I was prepped and given a spinal block and surgery started at about 10:55am and she was out and being taken care of at 11:11am.

I haven't been able to meet her yet. My blood pressure has been so high that my doctor doesn't want me to move. AT ALL. I can't move from this bed for anything. After I realized on friday that I wasn't going to meet Anna that day, I went ahead and ordered real food and pain medication. I went to sleep around 9pm. I woke up this morning about 7 feeling well rested, optimistic, and positive. My blood pressures look a lot better and they are hoping to get me mobile today and take me to see Anna. I can't wait to meet her. I love her soooo much already and I want her to know.

Emily has definitely put the word out about Anna and my family and I know there are a lot of prayers for Anna being said and a lot of love being sent to her. I feel it. And I feel very blessed. I'm going to try and post updates on Anna as I get them and I want to post pictures for sure. And I will once I meet her. I can't wait for everyone to meet this precious 1lb 14oz baby, she is going to light up the world.

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Sassy said...

"She is going to light up the world"

Traci this gave me goosebumbs and brought tears to my eyes!

You are so right! Your little girl has a big purpose and as any preemie parent knows sometimes the biggest blessings come in the smallest packages. :)

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. :)