Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on Anna at 5 Days Old

Her nurse said she is doing good and that they are going to start feeding her the milk that I've nursed for her tonight. Praise God! 27 weeks old and already starting to eat *actual* food. She is still on the ventilator which is to be expected. I think she'll probably be on the vent for at least a couple of weeks. They gave her a head ultrasound today to check for any brain bleeds. She did have a small bleed in the right side of her brain and they are going to follow up with more ultrasounds to see if it corrects itself. I couldn't bring myself to ask what happens if it doesn't fix itself. I ask that all of you pray that it does. I know prayers for my Anna are being heard by our Great Physician and he is giving her doctors and nurses the skills they need to take care of her as well as Anna strength to fight. It's hard to watch your baby fight so hard for her life, but she does it and with full force. I thank all of you for loving her as much as I do and for praying for her.


Anonymous said...

I love being able to read about all that is happening .. wish I was closer to you & Tim to help you guys other than just praying but I know God is listening ! I love you & miss you so much.. God has big plans for you & your whole family, I'm sure of it. love, Sherri Y

Jenna said...

Oraying for your sweet little miracle! I have also made a blog post about this and added her to several local church prayer lists...hope this is ok!

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I found you through Jenna's blog. I am praying for your sweet angel and you as well. God bless.