Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update on Anna at 6 Days Old

I always call her nurses in the morning hoping that Anna has one in particular. She has had this one for the past 3 days and she is AWESOME. I feel that some people find themselves in careers because they feel that they are good at "it". And some people find themselves in careers because they feel called to do "it". I feel that she was definitely called to be a nurse. I will call her Nurse Awesome and she gave me awesome news. Anna was taken off the ventilator today! PRAISE GOD!!!! I thought for sure she would be on the ventilator for a couple of weeks. At least. She has a nasal cannula helping her breathe, but to be off the ventilator at 27 weeks gestational is nothing less than a miracle from God. She did say that Anna may get tired in which case they would reinsert the vent, but she wanted to see how Anna did without it and she was doing well. Nurse Awesome said that she was fed 2cc's (a very small amount) of milk I had expressed before leaving the hospital and did well with it. They were going to increase her intake today to 3cc's. She weighs 1lb 10oz which is 4oz less than her birth weight, but I know she is going gain weight in know time if she continues to eat like she is and they have to increase the amount they feed her.

We are going to visit her tomorrow morning. We haven't seen her since I was discharged on Monday so I'm extremely excited, I can't wait to see her and take pics. Unfortunately, I don't have my memory card reader so I can't download the pictures of her yet. Our home was broken into this past Saturday and my camera with the memory card reader were one of the items stolen. I can take pictures with my phone, I just can't download them. But I will as soon as we get it replaced. Continue to pray for Anna and her progress. Pray that God continues to bless her doctors and nurses with their skills required to take care of her. Thank you all for the comments on my previous post. They are extremely uplifting and touching and I appreciate all the love that is shown.

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