Monday, July 13, 2009

Any, Many, Miney, Moe...

So here's an update. I'm not doing so good. Friday night I worked and although I felt nauceaus I was sure I was gonna make it. Saturday Marlee took Abby with her to do girly things. And Tim took Nate to Amanda and Micah's to play video games and to play with Luke, their 2 year old boy. I went to sleep about 7am and didn't wake up until 9:45pm to work and everytime I moved I threw up. I got off the phones and Tim called my supervisor and my doctor. Dr. S was out, Dr. G was on call. And instructed us to go to the local hospital and have them administer IV fluids until I stabilized. After 3 hours there, I didn't stabilize. Dr. G then said that he would meet at us at Centennial. He denied the ambulance, he said that I could ride by car. Yeah, silly doctor, I threw up the entire time in the car, and Tim was extremely tired. It was 2am and he was driving 2 hours from home. We got to Centennial just to find out that my Endocrinologist doesn't have rights there. So after an hour there we ended up at Baptist.

I'm ok with Baptist. But I don't want to deliver here. I want my tubes tied and they won't do that here. I also found out that the insurance carried by the employees of any St. Thomas Health Care facility doesn't cover birth control. Seems to me that they are pushing their religious practices onto their employees and patients.. That's got to be illegal somewhere. So we are waiting for me to keep fluids and solids down and for my sugar to regulate. So however long that takes. I'm so glad for all the support we have for the babies. I know my sister in law is taking them one day. Marlee has them a couple of days. And my Dad is getting Nate back and forth to Vacation Bible School, which I hate I'm missing. I miss my babies.

I did see Baby Boo's heartbeat yesterday. It looked like a butterfly fluttering. I know it's a boy. There isn't anything in my body saying it's a girl. It's a boy and his name will be Andrew Ryan.. My brother's and husband's middle name. We'll call him either Andrew or Drew. I haven't decided which one yet. Keep praying for my family. I'll keep you posted.

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The Lynchs said...

Bless your heart! I'm still praying for you.