Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back.. and Officially Due February 19th.

Sorry, it's been a little while since I posted anything. But unfortunately things aren't as uneventful as I had hoped. I developed a kidney infection since my last blog and have been to the hospital twice for IV fluids. I'm so dehydrated, but I can't keep anything down either and it hurts. It hurts to move my pinky finger. Poor Tim has been trying to take care of me and 2 kids while training for his job, laundry, and cleaning. It's been hard on him, but I'm proud. My friend Marlee has been helping out A LOT too. Taking the babies when she can to her house or even watching them here. It's a huge help and there isn't anything I could do to show her how much I appreciate it.

So back to pregnancy. I have a kidney infection and I'm also experiencing the 'morning sickness'. I really hate that name... It's the understatment of the century. I really like my doctor tho. He called in a prescription for Phenagrin and when I saw him on Wednesday, he gave me a prescription for Zofran. Just in case. I was crying and didn't feel good, he even commented that I had probably seen better days. Again, another understatement. He said that he was willing to do whatever I needed to see this thru. I'm going to see him every 2 weeks right now. I already knew that, Dr. B did the same thing with Abby. He said he was going to look thru my chart and find things that worked and didn't work and see if he can pinpoint the pattern. I looked at the chart, it's literally 3 inches thick. Good Luck with that Doc. He wants to put me on a reduced work schedule. Only by 2 hours a day, but at my discretion. He says that I know my limits and that he'll give me the accomodation, but it won't be mandatory. I appreciate that. I feel more in control than I have with the last 2. He actually stated that I was off to a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. He's definitely of male descent.

We are having the baby at Centennial this time. Getting these Fertile Myrtle makers tied. I'm ok with that. Just as long as they don't come in while I'm on the operating table and say they can't because of some stupid hospital restriction. I'll make them stop and transfer me. I didn't last time, but I should've. I wanted to stop them in the middle of surgery anyway. But that's another story.

He gave me a due date of February 19th. I don't want to schedule a c-section. I don't want anything related to the birth of the baby to be scheduled... I feel like my babies are showing me up. I plan on them coming one day and they decided to come in a different month all together. But if this one is like Nate and Abby we should expect a Christmas baby. Hopefully we will have a Valentine's baby. I don't want to go down another NICU roller coaster. It's sooo hard. And 2 babies at home? I'll fall apart.

There is one discovery I have found that is the best thing since sliced bread... Sea Bands. They help with the naucea. Now I still am nauceas, but not as nauceas as I was before I put these 2 slices of heaven on my wrists. They immediately started working and on Thursday, I was o.k. And I've thrown up today, but not any of the liquids.

This next week I have an appointment with Dr. Endo. We will see what he has to say and change. Pray that this week is better than the last.

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The Lynchs said...

Oh no! I was hoping that morning sickness would go away.

I think you'll like Centennial. I've known lots of babies born there, and they have all been really good expereinces for the moms.

I'm glad you found the seabands! I'm sure anything that helps is welcome!!