Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Baaaack...

In the hospital of couse. They released me on Wednesday and on Thursday, it started again and the doc said to come on in. And so we did. I cried the entire time. I've got Nate and Abby at home who need their Mommy and yes Baby Boo needs his mommy too, but at this point in time we are inseperable. The naucea and vommitting are also painful. Everything hurts, my lungs, my ribs, my abdomen. Everything. The doc started me on a new medication called Ativan. It's helping, but I googled it (I shouldn't have done that) and read some unsettling things. My doc said he wasn't going to give me anything that would hurt the baby. I guess we will wait and find out.

I had an endoscopy yesterday. It came out normal, of course they saw some tearing, but that was it. All the blood work they had ran came out normal. Of course it would. Doc just thinks that my body isn't handling the hormones well therefore causing me to get sick and the Atavin is actually a medication that is used for anxiety. Ok. It works. I'm ok with that. It's supposed to make me sleepy, but it doesn't.. I keeps me from feeling nauceas, and I'm great with that. Well, those are all of the updates I have so far. Keep praying for my babies and that they are being very well taken care of. I worry about them.

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