Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update on Anna 2 Weeks Old

I met another one of Anna's neonatologists today. She said that Anna has had a rough week and is now experiencing digesting problems. They were going to give her clear fluids for a few of her feedings since her body would absorb most of the nutrition without having to do a lot of digesting. She also wanted to go ahead and "put the thought" in my head... Anna has been given the maximum dosage of medicine for her heart murmur and she said although it's hard to hear if the murmur is still there because of Anna's vent, she thinks that it's present and the next step would be surgery to close it up. Anna is also being given narcotics for pain which she could become addicted to, but it's what she needs at this time. She just wanted to keep me informed of Anna's care and medications.

I told the doctor that I can handle anything they have to tell me. And I can, because I no longer look at it as she's hurting. I know she is and I would do anything to take the pain away, but more than anything she is surviving. She is fighting. That's what I hear when they tell me that they had to increase the amount of oxygen she's receiving. Yes, they had to increase her oxygen levels, but she hasn't given up. She hasn't stopped breathing. She's holding on with the assistance of modern technology, that is what I hear when they tell me she may need surgery. That's what I hear when they tell me about the medications they are having to give her.

She had another head ultrasound and the bleed in her head is pretty much the same. Praise God that it's not getting bigger. Her doctor last week said that these bleeds are graded on a level of 1 to 4. 1 being the smallest, meaning that these bleeds don't typically leave any lasting damage. 4 being the worst, meaning that the bleed may cause developmental or other issues in the baby. Anna's bleed is a level 2, they are hopeful that the bleed will resolve itself.

I know that God is taking care of Anna. I know that he is listening to everyone's prayers and that she is going to be taken care of. Please continue to pray for her and thank you for loving her.

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