Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update on Anna One Month Old

My precious Anna is one month old now and is doing very well. She is still right at the 2 pound mark, her doctor this week showed concern with her growth, but I'm hopeful. Abbie had a hard time gaining weight as well, and even though she eats EVERYTHING, she is still small weighing around 25lbs and being 2 1/2. They can still hear the heart murmur and have talked to me about the possibility of surgery. Of course, Google had already made me aware of heart surgery being the result when a heart murmur is present and the medicine doesn't work. I don't try to Google her conditions, but I knew the doctors and nurses weren't telling me something when they told me the medicine wasn't working and they could only give her one more round. So I googled.

Anna was actually one month old yesterday. I took Sissy (my brother's (who we call Bubba) girlfriend). And of course when I got there I asked almost immediately about holding her. Her nurse, which is the one that had been with her the day the doctor told me about her lung collapsing and her other having bubbles in the tissue, asked me about Kangaroo Care. I know my eyes lit up when she asked, I couldn't hide that my hopes were high at the thought of holding my baby skin to skin. So she called the respiratory therapist who gave the o.k. for kangaroo care. I was ecstatic. I held her for 20 minutes while Sissy took pictures and her nurse changed her incubator out. It was the most surreal, happy, and incredible moment of my life. I was ecstatic that Sissy had come with me and was able to capture the moment for me on camera. If you'd like to see the pics, send me a friend request on Facebook (Traci Smith McKee), let me know that you read the blog and I will add you.

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and yes I can not wait till Next Wednesday I am going to take tons of pictures of that sweet baby girl... And yes I will need some of me andmy bestie :) I love you so mcuh