Saturday, June 13, 2009


There is something that really bothers me.. I work in a call center type enviroment. I love my job, I love talking on the phone and assisting people with their needs. However, I am not in customer service, but I can perform SOME customer service functionalities (notice I said SOME. NOT all) so I still get those type of calls. And here are some rules I think everyone should abide by when calling customer service or calling a 1 800 # in general for assistance:

1. Be Polite. The person you are talking to is a person too and I'm sure they have been in a similar situation you find yourself in.

2. Don't call just because you don't like something. People who work in call centers have high service levels meaning there are lots of people who call in. And if you are calling in just because you don't like the color of something or you found the presentation lacking, you are taking time away from those customers who have legit issues that need to be worked out. Complain to your friends, tell your dog, even blog about it. But don't call in just to state your difference in opinion.

3. If your one of those calling in who waited what seemed like forever before you were able to talk to an actual person, I am sorry, but don't go on and on about how long you waited. What seems like a 1 or 2 minutes of complaining can turn out to be 8 or 10 minutes when your issue could've been resolved in 3. That's inconsiderate of the people, who like yourself, are waiting to speak to an actual person.

4. Answer the questions you are asked simply. If more information is needed we will ask you for it. Every answer doesn't need a story behind it.

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