Monday, August 31, 2009

Healing and Horseshows

God blesses me every minute of every hour of everyday. Andrew never leaves my mind and I can't imagine that he ever will. But I know I have begun the healing process... emotionally anyway. Nate and Abby have helped a lot. I can't imagine missing out on their lives. They are constantly growing and learning and I love knowing that I am a part of that. Nate has started saying 'excuse me' when appropriate. That started this week and it's because I've encouraged him to say it after he makes rude noises. He likes to laugh when he makes those rude noises... all children do. But then he'll take a second and say 'cue mee' and it is soooo cute. Then Abby has been teething the past couple of weeks and she only wants to cuddle up to mama. No one else will do, not even daddy. And although it can get annoying at times (like when I'm trying to do laundry or cook lunch) I love it. They are the sweetest and I wouldn't miss these moments for the world.

My body, however, is still trying to recover. Despite being on antibiotics for a week after the procedure, I have a kidney infection and possible kidney stone. I went to the doctor on thursday and he gave me 2 antibiotics to clear it up. On saturday, I got sick to the point of dehydration and we went to the ER. They gave me demerol and phenagrin which worked great. The ER doc told me no working until I saw doc on monday. So I went to the doc today and he said there was a lot of blood in my urine and wanted a CT scan to see if there was a kidney stone or something more serious (I will let you know what the other possibility is when I find out if that's it or not). I go back on thursday for a diagnosis or more tests. Doc says no working. He doesn't want me to work because he wants all of my energy to go to getting rid of the infection. Til then, we are playing the waiting game.

I'm going to take Nate and Abby to The Celebration tomorrow. The Celebration is a week long horse show hosted in my town. Trainers and Walking horses from all around come and compete against each other. It's an old sport that I've been involved in since I was little. My family owns one of the most well known horse tack shops around, my dad manages it and my brother also works there. I would give trophies away when I was little. I would feel like Vanna White, wearing a beautiful gown with my hair and make-up done, showing the contestant what he or she had won. The only thing I didn't like about it was how hot it was in the center ring. Ohhhh, the memories.

Tomorrow we will go visit my dad. He has a trailer set up to sell tack to trainers who might need a few last minute things. The main store is about 15 minutes from the show grounds and having the trailer makes it convienant to the trainers and good for business. We will also be able to see the horses practicing for the show which is great, Nate will be able to watch the horses at the fence rather than in the stands and there isn't any charge, that's the best part.

Oh, and boy you are missing out if you've never had a horseshow donut. They are better than Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, but are only available during this week. You can ask anyone in town and I guarantee they'll say that's the only reason why they went to the horseshow.

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We went Friday night to the horse show and the kids had a blast..
I thought about where u lived when I was there. I am like the only one person who dont like the dounts there... I am crazy uhh, but Nick and his dad love them. I love you more than you know and I cant wait till we can get together