Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

I'm not able to sleep tonight. I keep recounting what I was doing the minutes that lead up to the minute that Dr. Collins came in and sat on my bed and told me that it would be in my best interest if we went ahead and delivered Anna.

Emily stayed the night with me that night along with another nurse. I was swollen and had many episodes of low blood sugar that it was decided I needed a round the clock watch from a nurse. And when I say episodes, I'm talking all out seizures, falling in the floor, close to death episodes. I woke up numerous times in the night needing to sit up because I was having a hard time breathing and I would cough up fluid. I remember waking up to my morning nurse coming in to check my vital signs about 8am. Emily had already left by then to go home and take care of her babies. I started coughing and she witnessed first hand the fluid coming up. I knew something was up, she was waaaaayyyyy to calm in telling me she was going to call the doctor and he would probably order a chest x-ray. It was like she was trying to keep calm. And it wasn't 15 minutes later that the x-ray technician was there with a portable machine taking an x-ray. My worst thought was that he was going to order more IV medication. And I was already on soooooo much. I remember I was sitting up on the bed, flipping through channels. My nurse came in with my doctor and she started rubbing my back as Dr. Collins told me that the x-ray showed fluids being filtered in my lungs. He said that my kidneys were failing and my body couldn't hold anymore fluid and that based on my vitals, blood work, and the x-ray, it was in my best interest and Anna's that she be delivered. I called friends and family to come. At 10am I was being prepped for surgery. Surgery started at 10:55am, I remember looking at the clock on the wall and staring at it for what seemed like eternity and they announced her time of birth at 11:11am. I've always thought that if you made a wish when the clock turned 11:11, it would come true and I remember wishing and praying and hoping that Anna would be fine.

I wasn't even sure what to name Anna when she was born. I thought I had more time and then she was here. I never thought I would have a 1lb 14oz 13in baby. But she was the most precious 1lb baby and today she is the most precious 2 year old. She is talking so much. When we call her name, she will call back "what?" with an attitude. She says Hehwoah, Bye-yeeee, yahhh (yeah), Nate, Abbie, Popper (Copper), wedy (ready), Daaadddeeee, (Daddy), Momma, Yan (Gran), Yandat (Grand Dad), and YiYi (GiGi). She tells me when she's "thewty" (thirsty), and she says "no" clear as day. She babbles and loves to laugh. And she loves to make others laugh. She blows kisses and is such a cuddle bug. She loves to be held and loves to eat. She is amazing.

Happy Birthday Boo-boo face. I love you more than the moon. More than the stars. More than the Earth and Jupiter and Mars.

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