Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

Another obvious... My children. I am thankful for my 3 beautiful and healthy kids. Nate, Abbie, and Anna J. I am thankful that I was healthy enough to bring them into this world and that I'm healthy enough to watch them grow everyday. Each birth was difficult and special. I felt like I was pregnant with Nate for forever when he was born and he was 8 weeks early. I remember I felt him kick for the first time the day after Thanksgiving. I was laying down on my belly with my hand comfortably placed in between my stomach and the bed. I was almost asleep when a felt this hard poke on my hand and I realized I had felt these "kicks" before, but not beyond my stomach. I flipped over, raised my shirt, and watched his hand or his foot or maybe his elbow move across my belly. It was the coolest thing I had ever experienced and couldn't wait for Tim to feel him kick. That's the only thing I miss about being pregnant.
The most memorable thing I remember about Abbie is my constant craving for all things strawberry flavored even though I hate strawberry flavored anything. I wanted strawberry milkshakes, strawberry icecream, strawberry lemonade, if strawberry could be added to it, then I wanted it. And my craving for banana laffytaffy. I couldn't get enough. I even had a friend who went to the lake for the weekend and the store near her carried banana laffytaffy and she bought me all they had and I ate it within a few minutes.
With Anna I knew she was going to be my last so I savored every moment, but the best were when I was home with Nate and Abbie. We would go outside and play and it was nice just us "4".
Now that they are growing and becoming little people with big personalities, I enjoy them even more. They love each other very much and get along. Nate loves to chase Anna and make her laugh. Abbie loves to play Dr. Abbie and make Nate and Anna's booboos all better. Anna loves to watch Nate and Abbie's eyes light up when she says their names. They are so much fun and I'm proud that God saw fit that they call me Mom.

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