Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 14, 2012

This blog entry is brought to you by Tim McKee since Traci is recovering from surgery!

Today i am thankful for anesthesia! Seriously who ever came up with this idea should be nominated for sainthood. Some of the most amazing things have happened to Traci and I while she has been under. Example time!!!

The babies first and foremost. All 3 have been delivered via emergency C-sections. And up to this point in our lives they are quite possibly the greatest blessing we have.

Traci's new best friend Frank! The kidney most generously donated to Traci by her mother Tina. A life saving/changing gift received while knocked out.

And lastly the many ports Traci has needed to keep the healing process moving along, they are vast and inconvenient but she needs them and she wasn't awake for them.

  So as you see we have been very blessed by Saint Anesthesia. This healing process is going to take more time than we expected but we are ready to tackle it. With God and Saint Anesthesia as my witness we will survive. Amen go Vols.

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