Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012

Reporting again live from Traci's blog! It is I Tim McKee with another fun filled blessing!!

                      Today after a super scary trip to the ER i think we will be thankful for the amazing power and healing abilities of Music. That's right whether you like the smooth sound of sweet ambient beauty or the screaming guitar of some classic rock music is always there to change or enhance your mood. Think about it, what is as therapeutic as sitting down after a long day and popping on some headphones or ear buds and just cranking your favorite playlist. I know that's what I'm doing  right this minute as I'm typing this out. I encourage everyone to sit down one day/night and just dig through all that music and start organizing to fit your moods. You can thank me later for such an awesome idea.....its ok....go on......go ahead stop reading this and go jam.

Seriously you are still reading?..................I'm so done with you people. Much love and Traci will be back tomorrow.

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