Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today was Tim and mine's anniversary. We have been married for 3 years. Time has flown by. Since we met we have had 2 babies, 2 dogs, 2 apartments, and 2 houses. LOL, our number seems to be 2. He is the most amazing person and I'm a better for having him in my life. He is seriously my best friend. Our relationship is extremely open. We tell each other everything without worrying if the other is going to get mad. Some people think our relationship is strange and have even said that we are "too" open with each other, but is there such a thing? I think our marriage is the poster child of what a marriage should be. We aren't perfect, we have our arguments and disagreements, but we agree to disagree and respect each other for the opinions and thoughts that we do have. That what gives us our individuality and makes him "Tim" and me "Traci". Otherwise, we might as well have one name that we share.

We went through 2 difficult pregnancies with each other and he was the best support ever. I feel like we shared the pain. I handled the physical pain of them and he dealt with the emotional pain. He always asked what I needed or if he could do anything for me. He would hold my hair back when I threw up. He gave me baths. He washed my hair. He took me to the hospital when he didnt know what to do. And he stayed by my side while I was there. When he couldn't be there he would send me text messages making sure I was o.k. He would be back at the hospital as soon as he could be. And it didn't matter how many times I told him to leave, he wouldn't do it. When I was pregnant with Abby he couldn't stay with me as often or as long, but that was understandable. We had a 1 yr old who needed one of his parents with him. But I still got phone calls and I still got text messages. But the hospital had recently gotten wireless internet so the computer became my best friend since they only had 13 channels on tv and a vcr rather than dvd player. Oh, the memories.

One of the memories I have is when the dr.'s came to us and told us that they didn't think it was in my best interest to continue with the pregnancy. They weren't confident that me and the baby (Nate) would make it til the end and asked what we would like to do. I was a little coo coo seeing that I was all hopped up on morphine and pain meds and wasn't in the best state of mind to make a life or death decision. Tim without any hesitation told them to do all they could to save me. I, of course, even with seeing ducks on my wall, was not having it. I wanted my baby. It was all or nothing. Tim, bless his heart, tried to argue with me. He wanted to know what good would it be to have the baby if he couldn't have his mother. That he needed both his parents. I looked at him as serious as I could be with my blood diluted with morphine and said, "go big or go home!". It was all or nothing with me. And both Nate and I were fine. Tim was given that ultimatem again with Abby and his answer was the same.. so was mine.. but she had a harder battle to fight than Nate did, but we fought it as a family.

He has always been the one to compromise what he has wanted. If I wanted chocolate cake and he wanted vanilla, he wouldn't say anything. He would go with the chocolate because that's what I wanted. He is the love of my life. And we have traveled a long journey in a short time.. and I can't wait to unfold and see what the road up head as in store for us.

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