Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Go Lucky

I was so proud of Nate today. We went to a birthday party for one of my friend's 3 yr old. And it was towards the end after cake and ice cream. I was packing Abby up and getting us ready to go and I looked over at Nate and I saw that he was playing with a basketball. He's so cute playing with a ball. He's cute doing everything. He was bouncing the ball on the floor and anytime it got away from him he would look at it and go "uh oh" and then go chase it. I continued to watch him while I was telling people that we were leaving and I saw a little boy push Nate down and grab the ball. Nate looked in the little boy's direction and he bent his elbows, put his hands up to his shoulders, palms out and said "i'duhno". He then came up to me and said, "oogle boogle todlug moffle fullaffle bluffgruff may", (seriously... that's how he talks). I knew he was telling what had happened. And I just said that I saw what happened and that sometimes other people aren't nice, but that it's ok because he was a more kind person. I told to find something else to play with. He left me and found another ball, that no one else was playing with, and started bouncing it.

It just made me realize that he already has a good of habit of sharing. He doesn't get upset when something is taken away. He's a good little boy.

It was validation that I have taught him well. We've taught him along the way to share with his sister, which is where I think he's learned most of it. He'll be playing with her toys and I'll ask if sister can play with one, and he'll bring the one he is playing with to her. Like he's saying, "I like this one so she will too." He's a very sweet kid. He's always helpful, like when Abby gets fussy because she's hungry... he'll put a paci in her mouth buying us a few seconds without screaming. He's gentle with her, not pushy.

He is just an awesome kid... not saying he's perfect. He does have somethings he refuses to give up and there are times when he throws fits. But for the most part... He's a good kid.

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Rebecca said...

You have a sweet little boy. Wish more boys were like him and Moms like you who try to teach them good manners. Congratulations, you have very beautiful kids!