Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Times

So, Nate and Abby were assessed on Tuesday. She was a lot more hands on than Ms. Screen. Ms. Screen talked to me rather than watching and playing with the kiddos. This lady, Ms. Chill, was really laid back and took her time with them. She played with Nate and I was impressed by how well she handled Nate's tantrums when she put her awesome toys away. I have to admit, I wanted to play with the toys she brought. And she was rolling around with Abby in the floor. She asked me a few questions, but not as many as Ms. Screen. However, when I asked her when I should expect to find out the results of the assessment, her answer was... "you should receive a call within the next couple of weeks." Thank you Captain Vague.. Can you be a little more specific? She said that she had to type up the report and then send it to Ms. Screen and then they would develop a plan of action and call me. But due to time restraints and other clients it could take a couple of weeks. I swear, Nate will be 3 before they come up with a plan of action. But we will just wait and see.

On a personal note, I went out with some girls on Wednesday night and had a blast. I did drink and I did get drunk (something I haven't done since well before I got pregnant with Nate). It was so much fun tho. I forgot how more outspoken I am with a few in me. One of my girls was there with her boyfriend and he started talking to 2 other girls, which made me not so happy. I looked at B and told her that she had nothing to worry about. They looked like dudes.. Yes, in front of them I said this. They looked at me, but didnt say anything. The b.f. and the 2 girls went outside and one of them told B to hold her purse. Well, I went thru it and I knocked it over the ledge where some guy picked it up and returned it which is where I wish I had asked him to put it back.

Yeah, good times... good times...

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