Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where's the Apple that's supposed to keep the Doctor away?

So I went to doctor the other day and brought him my journal of blood sugars. They looked really good and I have been pleased with them. He really didn't have any complaints, except that my blood pressure is high and he wants to put me on lisinopril, but won't until I'm "sterile". (Yes, those are his words). Well, of course I have a problem becoming sterile because I've always wanted a big family. And I hate when my options are taken away. But I am very blessed with the 2 miracles that I have and I know deep down that we aren't going to have anymore, but I don't want my options to be taken away.

Anyway, we did our talky talky and had a chit chat and then he sent my downstairs for blood work. My A1c is the important test. It's an average of your blood glucose over the last 3 months. Your A1c should be less than 7% meaning your sugar is averaging 100-150 (normal ranges). 8%, your sugar is averaging 200-250. 9% is 300-350. and 10% is 400-450. (I think it maybe less than that, but you get the gist). So mine was 10.5% and he wants me to make a 350$ investment into something called glucose sensors.

It basically works with my insulin pump. Its a catheter that stays inserted in my stomach and draws a small amount of blood every 5 minutes. When glucose reaches below or above a certain level, the alarm sounds. Which is really annoying in the middle of the night. Plus you have to calaborate the thing like 6 times a day. Which in my opinion defeats the purpose of the stupid sensor. I had the sensor when I was pregnant with Abby and it was wrong most of the time, I would look at it and it would say my sugar was 145 and I would check my meter and my sugar was actually 210 or 55, it would bounce around. I hate the thing, and the fact that my dr. wants me to invest 350 dollars into it... That's ludacrous.

And he wants to see me at the end of the month with the data. O.k. see you then, but no print out. I get annoyed with him sometimes. He is the best Endocronologist I've ever seen, but that's not saying a lot... The others were just horrible where he is terrible. No, seriously... he keeps me in check. I get very defensive when it comes to someone who isn't diabetic telling me I'm taking terrible care of myself. Like they know how hard it is. And he doesn't let me boss him around. I'm very thankful for him, but he gets on my nerves.

I'll be more than happy to use the sensors if he would like to purchase them for me!

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